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Chat with AI-created characters

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Character.AI is a tool that allows you to chat with fictional characters created by artificial intelligence. This Android tool is based on a well-known website of the same name, and with it, you can chat from your smartphone with hundreds of virtual humans developed by a huge community of users.

On Character.AI, you'll find a main menu to pick the characters you want to talk to. All you have to do is enter some keywords into the search engine to find the bots that best suit your needs for each session.

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To chat with any of these AI-developed characters, simply reply to the different messages in the chat window. In addition, this tool lets you create your own characters and share them with other users. When doing so, it's important to keep in mind that you'll have to add an image to represent your bot, as well as determine the bot's main traits, which instruct the artificial intelligence on how to respond during each conversation.

Character.AI requires an Internet connection to work, so you'll need a stable connection on your smartphone if you want to use this tool. On the other hand, signing up is a breeze since you can log in with many social media accounts or even your GitHub account.

If you want to chat with AI-developed fictional characters, download the Character.AI APK to enjoy entertaining conversations from your smartphone.

Reviewed by Carlos Martínez Translated by Uptodown Localization Team

Requirements (Latest version)

  • Android 7.0 or higher required

Information about Character.AI 1.10.1

Package Name
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Funny
Language English
Author Character.AI
Downloads 446,618
Date Jul 3, 2024
Content Rating +3
Advertisement Not specified
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Older versions

apk 1.10.0 Android + 7.0 Jun 12, 2024
apk 1.9.1 Android + 7.0 May 25, 2024
apk 1.8.8 Android + 7.0 May 4, 2024
apk 1.8.7 Android + 7.0 Apr 25, 2024
apk 1.8.6 Android + 7.0 Mar 30, 2024
apk 1.8.5 Android + 7.0 Mar 20, 2024

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21 reviews


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gentleblackbuffalo73042 icon
2 days ago

Very good app ☺️

younggreyant24822 icon
2 weeks ago


artdude icon
2 months ago

I downloaded it to talk, and I ended up raped, abused, licked, cummed, murdered, kidnapped but 10/10

lyn_ icon
2 months ago

I love the app, this is where I humble myself 😻😻

beautifulblackblackberry3023 icon
2 months ago

The program is not working

cecili icon
2 weeks ago

I'm glad y'all haven't totally gotten rid of the rate and feedback for voice messages because i used that to train the bots' voice to stay in The range i want them to of their voice

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